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Monday, July 02, 2007

Meeting report - 6/30/7

We had a "meating" at the Tougas' home with some 11 or so folks from a couple of house-churches. We started with sharing wine and bread and moved on to some serious eating. The kids (15 of them) had fun playing together outside in the garden. The weather was pleasant so we shared our meal outside. Each family was given a cup for communion and we passed around a loaf of sweet challah bread. The fare was vegetarian, though not be design. After eating the brothers kind of gravitated to the garage where we shared our thoughts on church as well as our personal stories of our adventures in Christ. We moved into the house for a more formal gathering in the living room.
We shared music, read scripture and prayed for those in need. It was great to ask questions of others doing house-church and to swap stories. We are just starting this journey together. Not sure where it will lead but excited by the possibilities.