My Story

Monday, November 17, 2008

Missionary Night

Last Sunday night we had a visit from a brother seeking to leave his employment as a Software architect to become a missionary. He won't be in a grass hut in some distant land, but right here in the USA. He will be supporting bible translators in the field with his IT skills. We didn't get a slide show but we did get to watch a video from Youtube. I would like ask anyone reading this to pause right now and pray for Steve, Glenda, Stephan and Evan, that God would grant them grace and guidance in their endeavor to publish the word of God. You can check out his blog at /wycliffe/home.

This opened up a whole discussion around the concept of mission; as in what is my mission and how do I carry it out? The conversation only got started before we ran out of night. To be continued....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

God on Trial

I watched "God on Trial" the other evening and I was both disturbed and inspired. Disturbed by the idea of putting God on trial and inspired by those who held faith even in the face of suffering. I was struck also by the idea of God being terrible and awesome.

Is God guilty of murder and suffering? If all things have there origin in Him then perhaps he is. There would be no sin and suffering if God had not created man with the will to choose. If God is guilty of causing suffering and death, then how could he possibly be brought to justice?

If only God himself could be brought down here among us humans and be forced to taste of our suffering. Betrayal, loneliness, suffering at the hands of cruel injustice and a painful death would be a fitting punishment for what God has done. After sharing in our suffering, God should set everything right and bring all evildoers to justice.