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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why Jesus Is Not Enough For Us

In Jesus Christ is all that we need to live a full and happy life. I am fairly confident that most Christians would agree with this statement. So why is it that we, the church, act as if Jesus were not enough? Many Christians will not let go of the law. They still cling to such Old Testament concepts as tithing and holy days. Others become obsessed with theology and pet doctrines such as "King James Only" or "Calvinism".

The message of the church is pretty clear; "Jesus is not enough for us". Just like the ancients before us we long to have a god we could see and touch. Israel wanted a human king rather than have God as their king. The church too desires a king in the form of a pastor rather than the Holy Spirit. Living by Grace is not enough for us, we need a library of self-help books and church programs to prop us up.

Jesus is enough. I need no other shepherd. I need no buildings or holy days. I need no labels or pet doctrines. I need no law but love, no rule but grace, no king but Jesus.

Is Jesus enough for you?