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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Christian Passover?

We are planning a Christian Passover meal to commemorate our freedom from the bondage of this world. The words "Christian" and "Passover" are not normally seen in the same sentence. After all, Passover is a Jewish thing, so what could that have to do with Christians? In returning to our primitive roots as Christians, we find ourselves acknowledging our Jewish origins. It should not be forgotten that Jesus was a Jew, being the son of a Jewish woman and that 2/3rds of what we hold as sacred text came to us through Jewish prophets. While we are not justified by the works of the Law, nor are we obligated to keep it, we can learn from the ancient feasts of Israel.

Jewish Passover commemorates Israel's escape from Egyptian bondage. For those of us who are not Jews after the flesh but after the faith of Abraham, Passover has a different meaning. It was on Passover night the Joshua the Messiah felt the sting of betrayal. On this night he washed the disciples feet to show that we are all servants of one another. On this night the New Covenant was ushered in and commemorated with the drinking of the cup and breaking of the bread. On this night, the ushering in of complete atonement began. This is the night we remember when we have communion.

Rather than deliverance from slavery to Egypt, we celebrate our deliverance from this corrupt world. We celebrate the hope of Resurrection and anticipation of Messiahs return. We rejoice in the salvation purchased for us, not in the blood of an animal but through the sacrifice of a perfect offering. We are preparing to leave this world. We will join with our brothers and sisters across the ages in The Great Feast of the Lamb. So pack your bags and kiss your cares goodbye.
It's Canaan or bust!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Meeting Report 3-30-08

Two couples, four kids and brunch with Jesus. Not much small talk, mostly big talk about what was on our hearts. After meeting all this time on a sporadic basis we felt that most were looking for a change. We decided to float meetings on Sundays that rotate around the fellowship. I'll let you know how that goes. Communion was unleavened bread and a good bottle of wine. We sang a Capella praise, giving thanks to God to glorify His name.