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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Myth of Church Planting

I've heard of church planters. I've seen books too great to number on the subject of church planting. I've read of expensive consultants in how to plant churches. Clearly Church Planting and Church Planters are very popular buzz-words these days. I have just a couple tiny problems. Where are the Church Planters in the bible and how did the early church manage without cutting-edge seminars? I have searched from cover to cover and I cannot find this creature anywhere. I can't find the scripture that tells us to start churches. There are a lot of helpful materials for sale that tell us how it's done, what it looks like, how to organize it, how to plant it, grow it and multiply it. What if we just went out and preached the gospel with signs following? What if we just loved one another as Christ told us to? What if we just read the bible? I have a feeling there would be lot of publishers and promoters looking for a job.

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