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Saturday, May 15, 2010

How Little we Know

How little we know the Holy Spirit. We know much about Him, but how little we know of walking daily in His power and presence. We understand His deity, we can catalog His works and we can site the many promises of His coming, yet for all of our study and striving, the reality of fellowship with the Holy Spirit remains for many illusive. For many God is in His heaven and we just plod along as best we can on earth. Yet the promise of the Master remains. "I will never leave you or forsake you". "I will give you another Comforter and He will remain with you forever".
My intention in this study is not to simply gather more facts about the Holy Spirit, but to deepen my communion with Him. Jesus has promised to provide this comforter and Paul spoke of the "fellowship of the Spirit". What adventure awaits those who explore the depths of fellowship with the Spirit. What would He say to us? What mysteries would He reveal? What sin expose? With humble trust in the graciousness of Christ, let us seek to walk in daily, intimate communion with the Spirit of the Living God. Lead on dear Jesus. Lead on.

Inspired by "The Spirit of Christ" by Andrew Murray

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