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Monday, May 21, 2007

Advice for Wannabee Missionaries.

Here are some very good points regarding missions. I found this while surfing. Check out the link to see a full series of articles based on each point.

1. Skip Bible school; instead learn how to plant churches in real-life.
2. Engage with the culture, but dare to be authentically foreign; don't imitate the locals.
3. Count the cost and learn the language.
4. Get a job that helps you meet lots of people, and join a club.
5. Forget about targets and 5-year plans; get a (family) life.
6. Resist the temptation of forming a holy bubble with other missionaries.
7. Beware of support with strings attached; stay financially free to be able to move with God.
8. When you plant a church, don't stay on as a pastor; your best gift to the church is to move on.

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Renee said...


This is great stuff. Thanks for sending the link.