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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

True to God, Yourself and Others

Being genuine before God.
We must be honest before God. Honest about words, our thoughts and our actions. The redemption we have through Christ allows us to enter this place of honesty with God. If God has forgiven us, then there is no reason to be false with Him. We live in the knowledge that He loves us where we are. There is truly nothing to hide because his Love has been given to us by the Holy Spirit.

Being genuine with yourself.
The one person we lie to the most is ourselves. We think one thing and do another. This disparity between thought and action robs peace from our hearts. It is hard to be truly bold before God, if we are accusing ourselves inwardly. First we must be honest with God about ourselves. This will bring us to honesty with ourselves. When we accept Gods assessment we can begin to find peace.

Being genuine with others.
We put up false fronts before others because we care what they think about us. To some degree this is healthy and normal. After all we don't want to bring offense without cause. On the other hand if we find that we are putting up a persona to others that dose not reflect our true selves then we will find ourselves in a great difficulty. The difficulty is this; are we putting up a false persona or is the false persona a real one? To put it another way, if we have been faking it, then what does that say about our real self? The way out begins with finding our selves in God.

Accepting God's assessment.
We must accept the person God has made us and realize there is a person He is making us into. If we think we are shy, it may be to show the meekness of God. If bold, His fierceness. However He has made us, let us accept His assessment and live genuinely before Him. This genuineness with God naturally leads to honesty with ourselves and others. Be who you are before God inwardly and you will be who you are before others.

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