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Monday, August 13, 2007

Meeting Report 8-12-07

Eight of us had brunch at the Tougas' house. Each brought food to share. We began with the bread and wine, during which we reflected on various images of Christ and His people. The Vine and Branches, Shepherd and Sheep etc.. There was a lot of laughter and camaraderie around the table as we broke bread in Jesus name.
The table was cleared and the kids went to play outside, while the adults got into some deeper sharing. We met Tim from Mexico ME who shared his own desire to meet simply in the Lords name. We talked a lot about money. How to spend it, give it and earn it in the light of the kingdom and in the Spirit of Christ. Renee shared a song the Lord laid on her heart. It ministered the presence of God to all. We had no set format for the meeting. We just let it unfold as we and the Spirit wished.
We are planning the next meeting for Sept. 2nd at a place yet to be determined.

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