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Sunday, August 19, 2007

What makes God tick?

What is it that drives God? I know what motivates me, but what motivates God? I think the answer may be found in a familiar passage of scripture; John 3:16. In that verse it is stated that the reason God sent his only Son was because he "so loved the world". Could it be that the God of infinite complexity has one simple motivation? Simply love. This is what lies
behind all that God does. I don't understand the ways of God, but I do understand the whys.

As we seek to share life together, motivation becomes very important. All attempts at community will fail if we are not motivated by love. In the U.S. we are all about success and for most success is defined by wealth and influence. It is no different in the religious world. Success is how many people we had last Sunday, how much money was raised for our new building and how modern our facilities are. This kind of thinking leads to wrong motivation. We become motivated by the desires of the eye, pleasure and pride. It becomes all about the show, all about what makes me feel good and what makes my chest swell. If these things motivate us, it will poison the well of fellowship and drive us back to what we are coming out of. We will become just another group with an agenda.

To be motivated by love is to seek the welfare of another, at your own expense. It cost the Father dearly to love us. Every stripe laid on the back of Jesus is a testament to the immense love that God has for us. It will cost something to be motivated by love. It will cost pride, ambition and self preservation. It will cost all that we have. The wonderful thing is, that when we are cativated by the glory of the Fathers love, there seems to be no cost at all, only reward.

This is not something we can muster on our own. We need a Divine intervention, a new heart, a new life. This is the life that the Father wants to fill our hearts with. The life of his love. This is the life we live by, the life of faith in Christ Jesus. "It is not I that lives, but Christ who lives in me." The only way that I can truly be motivated by love is to abide in Him and He in me. I know what makes God tick and he is changing what makes me tick, so what makes you tick?

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