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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


On this blog I've used the term "Alt-Church" to describe an alternate view and expression of the church. Recently in our discussions together, we have been tossing around the phrase "unchurch". I'm sure in some minds it might suggest some form of lost-ness as in the phrase "bring your unchurched friends". I am actually borrowing the pharse from the home-school movement.

There are homeschoolers who advocate a form of home instruction that is student-led with parents acting more as facilitors than teachers. In this view the world is the classroom and children are free to pursue whatever interests them. This philosophy of education is commonly referred to as "unschooling". Unchurching is a similar philosophy.

In the unchurch model the world is our parish and we are free to follow Christ where ever he may lead. Rather than professional clergy watching over us, we are responsible to watch out for each other. Spiritual growth comes through sharing in the Spirit together, serving one another in love and teaching is both by word and example.


renee said...

hey I like this term. Mind if I borrow it for my blog??

dtougas said...

That is a great analogy! I love it!